Guests don't use the phone in your hotel?

Why ?

  • It's expensive
  • Guests don't known how much it will cost
  • They use their mobile phones
hotel telecom paris
hotel telecom paris

Hotel telecom provides a simple solution

  • Rates are charged by the minute
  • Rates are on easels in the Room
hotel telecom paris

What benefits ?

  • Real customer service
  • Marked increase in usage
  • A business development tool
  • Save on your phone bill


Implementation without any technical update



This offer allows you to give your guests the advantage of being charged per minute rates



This offer allows you to provide your guests with unlimited use of the phone

Your purchase price varies from 6 to 15 € per room per month.


Contact : Ines Tej

Tel : 01 85 54 00 49

64 Jean-Pierre Timbaud Street 75011 Paris